Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Establish Vía Azul Consortium (Business Model)

qRequired: Public Private Partnership (PPP)

(Draft Business Model)

  • Public controlled (EUC) professional managed (EU holding)
  • Owner of the Via Azul Highway Power Grid and required additional CSP2
  • Vendor of the sustainable energy for local vehicle battery charging and H2 production/fuelling
  • Funding: Partially public and private (Stocks - IPO to be scheduled - sustainable growth)
  • Drive Fuelling Station transition initiative for rapid adoption of battery charging and H2 technologies
    • Special ‘first time mover’ financing conditions to Fuelling Station owners
    • Battery charging and H2 storage/fuelling equipment, incl. Power Electrolyser, to be owned and refinanced by Fuelling Station owner
  • Required Entities:
    • EC: DG Energy / DG Mobility and Transport
    • EU and Public/private funding sources, i.e. EIB/ELENA
    • Providers of Smart Grid technologies
    • Utilities/TSOs (Energy resources and transmission)
    • Fuelling Station brands
    • Fuelling Station technology providers
    • Electro Mobility vehicle providers

Via Azul Objective

  1. Establish a low carbon Energy Strategy Transportation
    • European
    • National
    • Joint regions
  2. Establish electricity from renewable (low carbon) energy resources as the major fuel in transportation
  3. Move electrical energy to Point of Sale (PoS) – NOT fuels!
  4. Apply the concept ‘Energy Vector Hydrogen’ for local energy storage at PoS, enabling European wide electricity load/supply balancing
  5. Implement a separate SmartGrid (HVDC Highway cable) on a network of 10 initial Via Azul Highways in Europe
    • To efficiently connect northern (Wind Off Shore) and southern (CSP, CPV) energy resources with PoS in transportation
    • To be extended by national sub-highway network initiatives, using the electricity, provided via the 10 initial highways
    • To be connected to other long distance grids (i.e. EU Super Grid, DESERTEC)
  6. Establish and accelerate EU Electro Mobility Rollout with balanced establishment of all key elements:
    • Energy supplying Smart Grid
    • Fuelling infrastructure (Rapid plug-in battery charging and Hydrogen)
    • Battery and Fuel Cells Vehicle fleets
  7. Establish Via Azul Highway SmartGrid interchange with local crossing sub grids (i.e. Fast and Metropolitan Train Networks)

European Pilot Region

Andalucia (Spain) is, corresponding to its high capacity of annual average sun radiation, the European Region with already the highest concentration of installed Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plants (CSP), amplified by other substantial sustainable resources.
Locally conducted large scale demonstration projects for new technologies, i.e. Hydrogen vehicles and corresponding services, assure highly visibility to very prosperous and frequently returning groups of European tourists.