Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Via Azul Objective

  1. Establish a low carbon Energy Strategy Transportation
    • European
    • National
    • Joint regions
  2. Establish electricity from renewable (low carbon) energy resources as the major fuel in transportation
  3. Move electrical energy to Point of Sale (PoS) – NOT fuels!
  4. Apply the concept ‘Energy Vector Hydrogen’ for local energy storage at PoS, enabling European wide electricity load/supply balancing
  5. Implement a separate SmartGrid (HVDC Highway cable) on a network of 10 initial Via Azul Highways in Europe
    • To efficiently connect northern (Wind Off Shore) and southern (CSP, CPV) energy resources with PoS in transportation
    • To be extended by national sub-highway network initiatives, using the electricity, provided via the 10 initial highways
    • To be connected to other long distance grids (i.e. EU Super Grid, DESERTEC)
  6. Establish and accelerate EU Electro Mobility Rollout with balanced establishment of all key elements:
    • Energy supplying Smart Grid
    • Fuelling infrastructure (Rapid plug-in battery charging and Hydrogen)
    • Battery and Fuel Cells Vehicle fleets
  7. Establish Via Azul Highway SmartGrid interchange with local crossing sub grids (i.e. Fast and Metropolitan Train Networks)

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