Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Establish Vía Azul Consortium (Business Model)

qRequired: Public Private Partnership (PPP)

(Draft Business Model)

  • Public controlled (EUC) professional managed (EU holding)
  • Owner of the Via Azul Highway Power Grid and required additional CSP2
  • Vendor of the sustainable energy for local vehicle battery charging and H2 production/fuelling
  • Funding: Partially public and private (Stocks - IPO to be scheduled - sustainable growth)
  • Drive Fuelling Station transition initiative for rapid adoption of battery charging and H2 technologies
    • Special ‘first time mover’ financing conditions to Fuelling Station owners
    • Battery charging and H2 storage/fuelling equipment, incl. Power Electrolyser, to be owned and refinanced by Fuelling Station owner
  • Required Entities:
    • EC: DG Energy / DG Mobility and Transport
    • EU and Public/private funding sources, i.e. EIB/ELENA
    • Providers of Smart Grid technologies
    • Utilities/TSOs (Energy resources and transmission)
    • Fuelling Station brands
    • Fuelling Station technology providers
    • Electro Mobility vehicle providers

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